Malvaux Manufactures

Leader in interior design on the boating, leisure vehicle, layout and industrial subcontracting markets, Malvaux Manufactures is recognized in the manufacture of all types of interior layouts.

We offer a complete service that gathers the following studies : 3D and 2D modelling and design, nesting, programming and manufacture of your projects. Besides our rich collection of fine wood species, stamped with labels, we benefit from highly effective centers which enable the implementation of various materials as well as all types of finishes.

In June 2021, Naviline became Malvaux Manufactures after the merger-absorption of STbois and Barbeau by Naviline. This name change was decided in order to highlight the merging of the 3 companies’ centers and leaderships in their field, as for a better communication and high quality services towards its clients.

The company holds one design office for the 3 production sites, where are imagined, conceived and manufactured all of your interior projects designed for the boating and industrial markets allong with trade.

Malvaux Manufactures appartient au Groupe Malvaux

Malvaux group’s headequarters are located on the site of Malvaux Origin, the leading French manufacturer of decorative panels and technical plywoods. Our clients benefit from a large variety of high quality materials thanks to our complementarity with Malvaux Origin.

In a few figures

  • 145 employees
  • 3 production sites
  • 24 000 m2 of production


Malvaux Manufactures has three production workshops located in La Chevrolière, Vieillevigne (Loire-Atlantique) and Sèvremoine (Maine-et-Loire).

Our fields of activity:

Furniture industry
Veneered wood components (laminates, melamines, decorative paper, edged according to your requests).

Interior designers
Technical panels, pairing and wire tracking according to your requirements and sound components.

Boating, Leisure, Caravanning
Furniture, partitions, floor, ceiling, layout components, table tops.

Honeycomb doors, solid doors and specific core panels.

Interior decoration
Decorative marquetry components for furniture or fittings.


1 rue Eric Tabarly
ZA Beausoleil
44116 Vieillevigne
Phone : 02 40 02 07 27

The strength of our history is human and diversity is a richness in our businesses. Attentive to defend equality between women and men, Malvaux Manufactures continues its commitment and obtains a professional equality index of 80/100.

The professional equality index aims to measure the pay gap between men and women according to 4 indicators.

Here are the results obtained for Malvaux Manufactures for 2021:

1 – Pay gap (%): 38

2 – Differences in individual increases (in percentage points or in equivalent number of employees): 25

3 – Percentage of employees increased on return from maternity leave (%): Not concerned

4 – Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest salaries: 5